14. 본인 확인을 위한 음성 녹음에 대

2024-04-13 16:33
From: Test Taker Voice Sample – No Reply <>
To: soo*********
Subject: Test Day Check In Procedure – Voice Sample

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Dear *** Kim,

Because you are registered to take an upcoming ETS Program test, we are sending the following information to help you understand what to expect on test day.
(당신이 다가오는 ETS 시험을 신청했으므로, 시험 당일에 일어나는 일에 대한 정보를 보냅니다)
To verify your identity during the check-in process, your photo will be taken and you will need to provide a voice sample. This is in addition to presenting valid and acceptable identification.
(시험 장소에 들어가기 전에 당신의 신분을 확인하기 위해서 당신의 사진을 찍고 음성 샘플도 녹음할 것입니다. 이것은 유효하고 인정되는 신분증 제시 이외의 추가적인 조치입니다)
Below is a copy of the voice sample script that you will be asked to read out loud. The test center administrator will ask you to speak the words into a microphone in your normal tone and volume. At the beginning of the script, you will state your name and the test date.
(밑에 당신이 소리내서 읽어야 할 음성 샘플 원고가 있습니다.시험 관리자는 당신에게 일반적인 톤과 크기로 말을 하라고 요청할 것입니다. 음성 샘플 원고 시작에서 당신은 당신의 이름과 시험날짜를 말할 것입니다)
The voice sample is not part of the test, and it will not affect your score. We are sending the script so you can become familiar with it in advance and be at ease on test day. Please do not bring your own copy to the test center. The test center will give you a copy.
(음성 샘플은 시험의 부분이 아니며 점수에 영향을 주지 않을 것입니다. 먼저 익숙해질 수 있도록 우리는 원고를 보냅니다. 이 원고를 시험장에 가져오지 마세요.
Please plan to arrive at the test center at least 30 minutes before your specified start time.
(적어도 시험 시작 30분 전에 시험장에 도착하도록 하세요)

Best regards,

ETS Program

Test Taker Voice Sample Script
(음성 샘플 원고)
My name is (your full name). Today’s date is (month, day, year).

I have read, understand and agree to the policies, procedures and conditions in the testing program’s bulletin and on the website.

I am the person who will take the test today and whose name appears on the check-in screen.

I will not disclose test content during or after the test.

If, during the test, I recognize that I have had prior access to test questions, I will immediately inform the test center staff.

I will not bring any prohibited aids into the testing room.
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