4. What was the most important achievement in your life?


What was the most important achievement in your life?



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(Sample answer 1)

Reflecting on my achievements, one standout moment that comes to mind is winning the provincial basketball championship. Encouraged by my parents, I embarked on a journey into the world of basketball during my childhood. Through this experience, I honed invaluable skills in communication and collaboration, recognizing the indispensability of teamwork in achieving success on the court.

As I developed my proficiency in basketball, my dedication and commitment to the sport deepened. Recognizing my potential, my coach entrusted me with the role of a starting player, igniting a newfound determination within me. Fueled by this responsibility, I intensified my training regimen, striving for continuous improvement both individually and as part of the team. Through relentless practice and unwavering teamwork, we defied expectations and clinched the provincial championship—an accomplishment that left an indelible mark on my journey.

In the wake of this triumph, thoughts of pursuing basketball at a higher level began to occupy my mind. Contemplating the prospect of furthering my athletic career through collegiate and professional avenues, I harbored aspirations of making a meaningful impact in the realm of competitive basketball.


(Sample answer 2)

It is not that hard to answer this question because I haven’t had that many achievements and my provincial basketball championship came to my mind immediately. When I was a child, my parents had me join a basketball team and I learned how to communicate and deal with other players. As you know, no one could do anything alone in a game.
I was kind of good at playing basketball. My coach said I had very good talent and appointed me as a starting player for the team. Since that point, my approach to basketball changed. I became more serious and practiced a lot. Our teamwork was getting better and better. Surprisingly we won a provincial championship that nobody expected.
I was thinking about continuing playing basketball; I mean going to college and pursuing a career as a pro basketball player.