7. Which do you prefer: a formal uniform or casual dress?


Which do you prefer: a formal uniform or casual dress? Use specific examples and details to support your answer.



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(Sample answer 1)

The clothes you choose to wear not only influence how others perceive you but also impact your own behavior and performance. However, amidst the hustle of busy mornings, whether preparing for school or work, individuals often find themselves lacking the time to select attire that truly suits their preferences or the prevailing weather conditions. In such situations, opting for a formal uniform emerges as a practical solution to save time. When provided with a uniform, the daily dilemma of deciding what to wear dissipates, streamlining the morning routine and easing the start to the day.


(Sample answer 2)

The clothes you wear change not only the way other people think about you but also the way you perform or act. Nevertheless people getting ready this busy morning, whether going to school or to work, do not have enough time to choose clothes that really fit them according to their desire or the weather. In this regard, wearing a formal uniform is the best way to save time. If you are given a uniform to wear, you don’t worry about what to wear every day. That will make your morning easy.
In addition, you can save money too. People usually complain every morning that this dress is out of fashion, this shirts is too dark and they make their minds believe that they have to buy new clothes the coming weekend. The price of clothes is not cheap at all.