5. Talk about an interesting book you have read.


Talk about an interesting book you have read. Explain why you thought the book was interesting.


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(Sample answer 1)

“History Today” stands out as the most captivating book I’ve had the pleasure of reading. Delving into the annals of world history, it not only revisits familiar events but also uncovers lesser-known details, enriching the narrative in a way that sets it apart from other historical texts.

Exploring the pages of “History Today” has been an enlightening journey, offering insights into cultures, languages, and political systems of bygone eras. It’s a testament to the timeless relevance of history, serving as a reservoir of invaluable knowledge and wisdom. What struck me most profoundly was the realization that many of the challenges and triumphs of the past resonate with our contemporary experiences.


(Sample answer 2)

“History Today” is the most interesting book that I have read. This book is about the world’s history that many people already know but gives much more information that is not in other books similar to its kind.
Knowing history is not just interesting but also very informative and precious, in that past history has everything that we need to know. By reading this book, I could experience cultures, languages and political systems of the past. What I realized was that we are doing almost the same things that people in the past did.
This means that we could learn lessons from the past by not doing what went wrong before. I mean, trial and error from the past will lead us in the right direction.