4. Evening Computer Classes May Be Added

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Evening Computer Classes May Be Added
The computer department is considering offering evening classes in the fall. The proposal to add the classes is a response to student complaints that daytime computer classes have become increasingly overcrowded and there are no longer enough computers available. The department has decided that despite some added expense, the most cost-effective way of addressing this problem is by adding computer classes in the evening. It is hoped that this change will decrease the number of students enrolled in day classes and thus guarantee individual access to computers for all students in computer classes.


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M: I just don’t think this will work.
W: Why not?
M: Because it’s not gonna solve the problem. Students are busy at night, I mean, we have jobs, families, clubs, social events, most of us already have something to do every single night of the week.
W: I see your point. I sure couldn’t fit anything in my schedule during the week. I’ve got swimming practice most nights.
M: Right. And as far as the expense goes, I think they are going about the wrong way. I mean, it costs money to hire more teachers in keeping the academic building open later, which is a lot more expensive than just simply buying more computers.
W: More computers?
M: That’s right. Computer prices have come way down in the past few the years, so the department won’t have to spend this much now as they did in the past. Besides, the computer department classrooms, you know, the rooms themselves, they are actually very big. There’s plenty of space to add more computers.


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(리딩 파트)
리딩의 알림 내용: The computer department is considering offering evening classes in the fall. (컴퓨터 학과는 가을 학기에 저녁 수업 제공을 고려중임)
첫번째 이유: Evening classes would solve the problem of overcrowding and shortages of computers in daytime classes. (저녁 수업은 낮 수업에 학생들이 붐비는 문제와 컴퓨터 부족 문제를 해결해 줄 수 있음)
두번째 이유: Implementing evening classes presents a strategic and cost-effective solution to address the challenges of overcrowding and computer shortages. (저녁 수업을 추가하는 것은 비용면에서도 효율적인 방법임)

(리스닝 파트)
남학생이 리딩의 내용에 반대함: The man holds reservations regarding the viability of this proposal.
첫번째 이유: Given their busy schedules, which often include work commitments, club activities, and social events, many students would likely opt against enrolling in evening computer classes. (학생들은 밤에 바쁨. 어떤 학생은 일해야 하고, 클럽 활동도 해야 하고, 행사도 있음. 그러므로 저녁 컴퓨터 수업에 등록하지 않을 것임)
두번째 이유: Incorporating evening computer classes would entail significant expenses, as it would necessitate the hiring of additional teachers—a costlier option compared to expanding the computer inventory, especially considering the ample space available in classrooms for accommodating more computers. (야간 컴퓨터 수업을 추가하는 것은 비용이 많이 들어감. 왜냐하면 더 많은 선생을 고용해야 하는데, 이런 비용은 컴퓨터를 사는 것보다 더 비쌈)


(샘플 답안)
The reading passage pertains to an announcement proposing the consideration of offering evening classes in the computer department during the fall semester.
In the ensuing conversation, the man expresses skepticism towards the viability of this proposition.
His initial contention rests upon the observation that students typically find their schedules increasingly occupied during the evenings, with commitments ranging from employment obligations to participation in extracurricular activities or social engagements. Consequently, the potential for enrollment in evening computer classes may be hampered.
His subsequent argument delves into the financial implications associated with introducing evening classes. He posits that the requirement to hire additional teaching staff would engender significant costs, surpassing the expenses incurred through the procurement of additional computer equipment. Hence, he advocates for a more financially pragmatic approach, favoring the expansion of technological resources over the augmentation of teaching personnel.