7. Sculpture Courses to Be Discontinued

리딩 지문 (읽는 시간 45초)

Sculpture Courses to Be Discontinued
University administrators announced yesterday that the sculpture program, a division of the art department, will be eliminated. “The main reason is a lack of student interest,” reported one administrator. Although the number of art students has increased, fewer and fewer art majors are taking sculpture classes. Furthermore, the department’s only sculpture professor is retiring this year. “Given the art department’s limited budget,’” the administrator explained, “it just doesn’t make sense to hire a new full-time professor to teach sculpture for only a handful of students.”


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리스닝 스크립트

M: Everything all right?
W: Yeah, I’m just upset about that article I showed you this morning
M: Why? What’s the big deal?
W: Well, as an art major, I think it’s a big loss for the department. The university’s got it all wrong
M: What do you mean?
W: Well, the low enrollment isn’t because art majors don’t want to take these classes. Problem is who has time to take them when there are so many other requirements.
M: I don’t understand.
W: See. The classes they are eliminating are all optional. The required courses are mostly painting and drawing. And they take up all our time. What we really need are different requirements. Then our majors could take a better variety of classes. All the things we’re interested in.
M: That makes sense. But the thing about the professor.
W: Well, that’s true. But still they’re being drastic. If money is the problem, they could hire a part-time professor. Or most of the professors in the department have secondary fields.
M: Really?
W: Yeh, At least a few painting teachers are also great sculptors. I’m sure one of them could teach a class.


30점을 위한 해설

리딩 파트
리딩 알림 내용: The sculpture program will be discontinued. (조각 수업을 폐강할 것임)
첫번째 이유: The decision to discontinue the sculpture program is due to a lack of student interest. (학생들의 관심이 부족하기 때문)
두번째 이유: Given the constraints of our limited budget, the prospect of hiring a new full-time professor appears impractical. (제한된 예산으로 정교수를 채용할 수 없음)

(리스닝 파트)
여학생 반대: The woman thinks that it is not a good idea.
첫번째 이유: The low enrollment in sculpture classes is not attributed to a lack of interest but rather to the overwhelming number of required classes. Since sculpture classes are optional, many students find themselves unable to allocate time for them amidst their mandatory coursework. (조각 수업에 수강 신청이 적은 이유는 조각 수업은 선택이고 다른 필수 과목들이 많아서 학생들이 조각 수업을 들을 시간이 없기 때문임)
두번째 이유: With regard to budgetary constraints, there are feasible solutions available. One approach is to hire a part-time professor rather than a full-time one. Additionally, leveraging professors who possess secondary degrees or expertise in sculpting could obviate the need for hiring new faculty.
(예산에 대해서 말하자면, 다른 방법을 찾을 수 있음. 정교수가 아니라 파트 타임 교수를 채용할 수 있음. 아니면 부전공으로 조각을 했던 다른 과목을 가르치는 교수에게 조각 수업을 하게 할 수 있음)


<샘플 답안>
The reading passage introduces an announcement proposing the elimination of the sculpture program. However, in the ensuing conversation, the woman expresses disagreement with this decision, providing two compelling reasons.
Firstly, she contests the notion that low enrollment in sculpture classes reflects a lack of student interest. Instead, she attributes this phenomenon to the overwhelming demands of mandatory courses, leaving students with limited time to pursue elective options like sculpture. This suggests that the issue lies not with student enthusiasm, but rather with the structure of the curriculum.
Secondly, the woman posits that budgetary concerns should not be insurmountable obstacles to preserving the sculpture program. She proposes practical solutions, such as hiring part-time faculty members or tapping into the expertise of existing professors with relevant backgrounds. By leveraging these resources creatively, the department could continue offering sculpture courses without the need for extensive financial investment.