4. Target Marketing

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Target Marketing
Advertisers in the past have used radio and television in an attempt to provide information about their products to large, general audiences; it was once thought that the best way to sell a product was to advertise it to as many people as possible. However, more recent trends in advertising have turned toward target marketing. Target marketing is the strategy of advertising to smaller, very specific audiences— audiences that have been determined to have the greatest need or desire for the product being marketed. Target marketing has proved to be very effective in reaching potential customers.


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Nowadays something you notice more and more is television commercials that are made specifically for certain television programs. So, eh, let’s say, eh, a company wants to sell a telephone, a cell phone. Now during TV shows that young people watch, you know, shows with pop music or teen serials, they create a commercial that emphasizes how fun the phone is, you know, the phone has bright colors, and they show kids having a good time with their friends, and, well, the company wants the kids watching TV at this time to want to buy this phone, this phone it’s made especially for them.
But the same company will make a different commercial to be shown during, say, a program about business or a business news show. Now for this group of people, business people, the company will have to show how efficient their phone is, eh, how it can handle all business easily and maybe even save money. And here’s the thing: it’s basically the same phone! The company has just made two different commercials to appeal to different groups of people.


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리딩 주제어: Target marketing (타겟 마케팅)
리딩 주제어의 정의: Target marketing is a strategy of advertising to smaller, very specific audiences. (타겟 마케팅은 더 작고 특화된 소비자에게 광고하는 전략임)

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교수는 휴대전화를 예로 들어 설명함. (The professor explains this concept with a cell phone as an example.)
휴대 전화 회사는 젊은 사람들이 보는 팝 뮤직이나 청소년 드라마같은 티비 프로그램 광고에서 아이들의 선호도에 초점을 맞춰 광고하려 시도한다. (In a commercial during TV shows for young people, such as pop music or teen serials, a phone company tries to advertise its phone based on the preference of young people)
예를 들어, 그 전화기가 얼마나 재밌고 밝은 색상을 가졌는지 등을 광고해서 아이들이 이 전화기를 사도록 유도한다. (For example, the company shows how fun the phone is and how bright the colors are in order for young people to buy the phone.)
그러나 같은 회사의 같은 전화기지만 비지니스 뉴스와 같은 프로그램에서의 광고는 다르다. (There are different commercials in TV programs, like business news, for the same phone from the same company.)
그 회사는 전화기가 모든 비즈니즈 업무를 쉽게 처리할 수 있고 돈을 절약할 수 있게 해 준다는 데에 초점을 맞춰 광고한다. (The company focus its phone advertisement on how easily people can handle their business with the phone and how much money they can save.)


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The reading passage introduces the concept of target marketing, a strategic approach to advertising that aims to appeal to specific and often niche audiences.
In the accompanying lecture, the professor illustrates this strategy using the example of a cell phone commercial. He describes how a phone company tailors its advertising efforts to different demographic segments. For instance, during TV programs popular among young people, such as pop music or teen series, the company emphasizes the phone’s fun features and vibrant colors to resonate with this youthful audience and entice them to purchase the product.
Conversely, when advertising during programs like business news, the company shifts its focus to highlight the phone’s practicality and utility for professional use. The commercial showcases how easily individuals can manage their business tasks with the phone and emphasizes potential cost savings.