8. The Establishing Shot

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The Establishing Shot
Film directors use different types of camera shots for specific purposes. An establishing shot is an image shown briefly at the beginning of a scene, usually taken from far away, that is used to provide context for the rest of the scene. One purpose of the establishing shot is to communicate background information to the viewer, such as the setting — where and when the rest of the scene will occur. It also establishes the mood or feeling of the scene. Due to the context that the establishing shot provides, the characters and events that are shown next are better understood by the viewer.



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The other day, I went to this great new movie. And one of the scenes in particular I saw was really set up nicely.
At the start of the scene, before the action and talking and things started, you saw on the movie screen an image of a city. Now, you could tell it was a big city. There were lots of buildings, tall ones, skyscrapers. And the cars and the signs on the city streets looked old-fashioned like they were from the past, like the 1940s.
The other thing I noticed right away from this 1st image, just when the scene started was the city seemed gloomy, you couldn’t see much because it was , well, it was, mostly darkness rather than sunlight. And there was only just a little bit of light from the street lamps. On top of that, it was raining and kind of foggy. All of these details work together to create a dark, gloomy, mysterious feeling. So then, when the action started, and it showed detectives talking to each other in an office. I already knew that the office was located in the tall building in a big city sometime in the 1940s. And I had a good idea that the events that’d be taking place would be pretty dark and mysterious because of the shot, the image, I saw at the beginning of the scene.



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리딩 파트 요약
리딩 주제어: The Establishing Shot (설정 샷)
리딩 핵심 내용: An establishing shot is an image shown briefly at the beginning of a scene that is used to provide context for the rest of the scene. (설정 샷은 시작 장면에서 간략하게 보여지는 이미지로 나머지 장면을 위한 맥락을 공급하기 위해 사용됨)

리스닝 요약
The professor went to a new movie. (교수는 새 영화를 보러갔음)
At the start of the scene, there were lots of tall buildings, cars and signs that looked like they were from the 1940s. (시작 장면에서, 많은 큰 빌딩, 차, 신호들이 있었는데 1940년대처럼 보이는 것이었음)
And, when the scene started, the city appeared gloomy because there was a little bit of light from the street lamps and it was raining and foggy. (그리고 장면이 시작했을 때, 도시는 우중충하게 보였는데, 왜냐하면 가로등으로부터 빛이 거의 없고 비가오고 안개가 끼어 있었기 때문)
All of these details created some dark, gloomy mood. (이러한 모든 디테일은 어둡고 우중충한 분위기를 만들었음)
And when the detectives were talking to each other in the beginning of the movie, the audience might get some dark, gloomy, and mysterious feeling. This is because of images shown at the beginning of the scene. (장면의 시작에서 보여주었던 이미지 샷 때문에 형사들이 서로 이야기하고 있는 연기가 시작되었을 때, 관객들은 아마 어둡고 우중충하고 신비로운 감정을 가질 수 있었음)



(샘플 답안)
The reading passage introduces the concept of the establishing shot in filmmaking, which serves to provide context for subsequent scenes by offering a brief visual overview.
In the lecture, the professor provides an example to illustrate this concept. He recounts attending a new movie wherein the opening scene featured numerous tall buildings, cars, and signs reminiscent of the 1940s era. The cityscape appeared dimly lit, with street lamps casting faint illumination amidst rain and fog. These atmospheric details collectively set a dark and gloomy mood, establishing an ominous tone for the ensuing narrative.
As the scene unfolds, with detectives engaged in conversation, the audience is enveloped in a sense of darkness, gloominess, and mystery, largely influenced by the imagery presented in the establishing shot.