An Introduction to VoIP and the Way It Works

An Introduction to VoIP and the Way It Works

Living in this age and time, if you happen to still have not heard of VoIP, then you definately better fine-tune your self a bit. It is the acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol and is a revolutionary technology in itself, potential to rewrite the destiny of telephones. To place it briefly, the technology allows to convert analog audio signals – which is produced when you speak on the phone – to digital data. As we all know, data in its digital form could be smoothly transmitted over the virtual Internet.

Practical usability of VoIP

Thus, in different words, VoIP can easily convert or upgrade an ordinary Internet connection right into a telephony device, from which you possibly can place free phone calls. To make things simpler for you further, a host of free VoIP software is readily available on the web. Thus, one can easily bypass the phone companies and place free Internet calls by means of their phone devices.

Reinvention of the wheel

The VoIP technology isn’thing but a smart reinvention of the wheel. As of late, the technology has attained sufficient maturity and thus, you’ll be able to select from three different flavours of this service.

ATA: The preferred and positively the only way is through utilizing a device called Analog Telephone Adaptor or ATA. It enables users to thread in a normal telephone device to an Internet connection to facilitate the VoIP service. It may be noted right here, ATA is a analog-to-digital converter. It accepts analog signals or data from traditional phone units and converts it to digital data, which is then transmitted via the Internet. Actually, nowadays many service providers are offering free ATA service to clients in a plug-and-play box. All you’ve to do is take out the ATA from the given box and connect the cable popping out from the phone to the ATA. Bang! you’re executed and now start inserting your VoIP calls utilizing your Internet service.

IP phone: These are specifically designed phone gadgets though they seem just like regular phone sets and come with a handset, keypad or buttons and a cradle. Unlike the RJ-eleven connectors in normal phones, these specifically designed devices come with RJ-45 Ethernet connector. Thus, these gadgets connect with your router directly and are loaded with all the required hardware and software which can be required to handle IP calls.

Computer-to-pc: This is among the easiest options to avail the VoIP service. You will get reasonably-priced software from the market that it’s worthwhile to place this type of VoIP calls. Apart from the software, you’ll want a microphone, a sound card, speakers and naturally an Internet connectivity to make use of this facility. The only charge you must pay on availing this service is the rental price of your Internet service provider.

Reasons behind standardity

There’re basically two factors behind the popularity of VoIP.

Reasonable price and

Spectacular functionality

Often, phone calls via VoIP value peanuts as compared to traditional phone calls. There’s also some additional price saving, because the technology uses a single network to carry both voice and data. You’ll be able to even place ISD calls on VoIP for free.

Spectacular functionality of VoIP primarily entails sure things which are almost not possible to achieve with conventional telephony networks. These might be summed up as following:

All your incoming phone calls are by default routed to your VoIP phone, irrespective of its plug-in location within the network. Just carry the gadget while you are on a trip and simply plug it to an Internet connection. You won’t miss your incoming calls.

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